Angle Rolling: Angle Rolling is a metal forming process to bend metals into curves and radius’. Clayton Industries has the ability to form metals with the leg-in (hard-way) or the leg out (easy way). We can roll angles on metals up to 8″x8″x1″ with 40″beams and channels.

Plate Rolling: Plate Rolling is a metals forming process used to form metals into arcs, curves, cylinders and cones. Clayton Industries has the capacity to plate roll metals up to 14′ long and 6 1/2″ thick.

Press Braking: Press Braking is a metals forming process to form custom shapes. Through specific degrees and angles, custom shapes such as channels, angles and z-sections can be formed. Clayton Industries has the capacity to Press Brake metals up to 40′ long and 2″ thick.

Machining: Clayton Industries has Machining Capabilities for a variety of metals for Milling, Turning, Drilling, Cutting, Finishing, Honing, Planing, Joining, Fastening and many other applications. Our multi-million dollar investment in equipment allows us to provide custom services at economical prices.

Summary: When you combine our dedicated and experienced workforce, our investment in equipment, our ability to customize your needs, our variety of services and capacity, our satisfied customer base and our on-time record of delivery, Clayton Industries is your total solution for your Metal Fabrication and Machining needs.